I would like to thank Pangiotis Tsaousis for the correct indication of the property that hosts the new hotel store in the center of Athens.

The results are impressive and justify his opinion on the market!

Nick Dimitriadis 

C.O  Hotelshops 

Dear Nicky,

Thank you so much for your great support in finding a new office for our AXA Partners team in Greece. In a very short time you managed to come with a list of available offices in the center of Athens that helped us take a quick decision. More importantly we appreciate your involvement during the negotiations with the landlord and the final terms agreed that were aligned to our interests. During the process we always felt as being trusted partners to this project and we are sure that next time we will look for an office space, we will be cooperating with your company.

Dimitris Kioukis

Country Manager
AXA Partners Greece & Balkans

We greatly appreciate your professionalism of executing the lease and secure a Mango flagship store in Patra, for FAIS Group.

It is a pleasure working with you and CWPROPRIUS.  

We would like to thank you for your services and we look forward to working with you on our further expansion in Greece and not only.



Group Development Director


We would like to thank Panagiotis Tsaousis for his in-depth knowledge of the market, his terrific instinct and professionalism, which have guided us through to excellent outcome; a new Folli Follie store at Peristeri, Athens Greece.

He is efficient, very well organized, he really listens to clients and goes the extra mile with customer service, too. We appreciate the timelines and the detail of replies to our queries.

It was a pleasure doing business with Panagiotis!

 Kind regards

Dimitris Toulatos

We would like to wholeheartedly thank Mr. Tsaousis for assisting us on a very competitive and difficult new store project; that of Patras, Greece.

Mr. Tsaousis, found a terrific store for us during a nationwide lockdown and connected us to the local team while the country was completely closed.

He helped negotiate the contract fairly and supported us against local competition to close the deal.
We are forever grateful to Mr. Tsaousis for our new gem of a boutique and a new location market opening!

With kind regards,

Anna Maria Mazaraki

Michalis has the qualities that all of us seek when searching for a new office space or negotiating the extension of a lease agreement. He understood our needs, valued our position and managed to close all the open matters on time.

A personal thank you for all the assistance you have provided.

Kind regards,

Yannis Goussiakis

Managing Director, Greece

TMF Group

Dear Michalis,

Thank you for your invaluable support to our office move project. The result has surpassed our expectations and you have been there every step of the way guiding us and sharing your professional expertise.

You have a true passion for your work and a customer-centric culture. This is reflected in your work and provides an exceptional customer experience.  

We look forward to working with you and the C&W team on future projects.

Lloyd’s Register

Dear Panagioti,
It was with great surprise and pleasure to receive your call on a very sought out property on Voukourestiou St; a perfect location for our new flagship boutique. You anticipated our need before we even had it and presented a great new location for Anna Maria Mazaraki S.A. Acting swiftly and always professionally, you helped us overcome any negotiation difficulties and ensured that everything was discussed openly and in a timely manner.
We were delighted to work with you on the project and hope to accomplish much more together in the future. You know the market like no other and we absolutely love working with you.
We thank you for your time and effort and most of all an amazing new boutique,

With kind regards,

Anna Maria Mazaraki

OWG, being part of MMC selected CW Proprius to assist in identifying and negotiating a relocation from OWG’s existing service office in Athens that CWP had identified for OWG in August 2018. Previously, CWP had successfully worked with Marsh in 2017 to support their relocation project.

CWP were able to generate a list of deliverable relocation options, in a market short of supply, to OWG culminating in a series of parallel negotiations designed to achieve price optimisation. In addition, CWP assisted with the due diligence work needed to vet each option and the lease terms negotiations that were ultimately approved and signed off for the Syntagma Square option.

CWP were also able to recommend suppliers in the market to fit out this option.

All the way through this project, CWP maintained  a proactive approach and were heavily instrumental in the successful outcome.

Oliver Wyman

Dear Michalis,

Thanks for your valuable support choosing the “right “ location for us. Your help was quite resourceful and remarkable!!

It was pleasure to do business with you.


Sotiris Meklis

Regional Manager Med. Middle East & Africa

Marine Lubricants


Congratulations for the excellent job-Panagiotis Tsaousis a master of the game

DTP Group

D. Petropoulos S.A.

Dear Panos,

I really enjoyed your professionalism and continuous follow up on Mayoral’s representation and for our new store in the city of Piraeus. Without entering into more details, I would like to thank you for your dedication and your substantial role in completing successfully and on behalf of our company, the case.

I am sure that you would also be involved on our further expansion plan.

Best regards,

Panagiotis Adamopoulos

Mayoral Hellas/ Director Greece & Cyprus

Dear Michalis,

Many thanks for all your help and advice and looking after Mastercard and getting the lease agreed in time to meet the project timeline. I am particularly in debited to Michalis Katikas for his hard work and knowledge of the local market. We look forward to many more years of working with Cushman & Wakefield

MasterCard Europe

Dear Michalis,
We would like to thank you for your valuable support and services provided in “screening” local market. Your prompt response to our needs helped us succeed our goal to find the right premises for our office relocation.

Marsh LLC Insurance Brokers

Dear Panagiotis,

As we are really satisfied with the way you handled our case in Pireaus and your professionalism. We would like to thank you for the services provided to Attrattivo.

Best Regards,

Dimitris Kolletas

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