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1,243 m2 44, Kifisias Avenue, Athens - Marousi - LEARN MORE
740 m2 3, Solomou str., , Athens - Neo Psichiko - LEARN MORE
479 m2 33, Tarpon Spring Str., Rhodes - LEARN MORE
427 m2 33-35 Αristotelous & K. Rodiou strs., Rhodes € 2.300.000 LEARN MORE
45 m2 3, Milioni str., Kolonaki, Athens-City Center € 5.000 LEARN MORE
234 m2 18th klm, Marathonos Ave. & Pylou str., Pallini, Mesogeia € 2.000 LEARN MORE
920 m2 88, Chlois & Favierou Strs., Athens - Metamorfosi € 6.000 LEARN MORE

Displaying 7 out of 7 results

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